Invest in Real Estate.

Building a real estate portfolio with value creators and entrepreneurs.

Investments can result in total loss and may be impossible to resell. 

Real Estate Investing For Everybody.

Real estate is an $8.9 trillion market, and it's time for everybody to own a piece of it. We believe everybody should be able to participate in the growth and prosperity of the cities and neighborhoods they know and love.

Why invest in real estate?

Passive Income

Earn income without active management

Stable Cash Flow

Rental payments provide steady cash flow through dividend payouts

Manage Payments

There are numerous tax breaks and favorable deductions associated with real estate investing

Capital Appreciation

Historically, real estate prices have increased over time

Inflation Protection

Home values and rents typically increase during times of inflation


Low correlation to other asset classes

How your investment works?

We Buy

First Wise finds the deals, negotiates the purchase and financing, and closes the deal.

You Invest

You invest in institutional quality assets.This is Not a REIT or Stock.

Manage Payments

Properties generates monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.

You Get Paid 💰

We pay out cash distributions quarterly to you, the investor.

Want to become a Top Investor ?

Our workshops are designed to help you further your education in commercial real estate. We offer several courses no matter where you are in your investing journey.

One Day Master Class

Learn more about how you can get started with little to no money out of pocket to start your apartment investing career!

Deal Structuring

A structured deal is one way to purchase an investment property by using very little to no upfront investing of personal cash.

Asset Management

Optimize your portfolio by learning how to manage multi-family homes and your investment portfolio.

Raising Private Money

We will teach you how to raise money effectively and consistently to protect you and your investors.

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